About The Energy Network Worldwide

There are many companies out there that will inspect new construction single-family and multifamily dwellings, but The Energy Network Worldwide (TEN) stands apart from the crowd. While we are saving builders and buyers money and helping to encourage the construction of homes with a lower carbon footprint, we are doing things differently.

Gain, Give, & Grow

Most companies put their profit into the pockets of their owners or divide it among their shareholders. At TEN, we have a Gain, Give, & Grow philosophy. This means that we divide our profits into three equal portions.

Gain: 1/3 of Our Profits Go Back to Our Employees

We couldn’t achieve what we do without their hard work and commitment. So we believe they should gain from the fruits of their labor. That’s why we divide one-third of our profits equally among our employees. We also provide our team with full benefits, including Dental, Vision, Health, and 401K. Because they have a stake in the success of TEN, they offer our clients the highest quality service in the industry.

Give:1/3 of Our Profits Help to Feed The Hungry

Hunger is the cause of nearly half the deaths in children under five years old. Over 6,200 children die each day from causes related to undernutrition. At TEN, We believe we can do something to help. So we support the non-profit organization Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) with one-third of our profits.

FMSC meals are developed by food science and nutrition professionals to supplement nutritional needs and reduce problems with malnutrition. The nutrition in these meals allows children to grow, thrive and develop to their full potential. Feed My Starving Children works with food distribution partners that stay with communities for the long haul, empowering them to move from relief to development.

Along with providing money to pay for the food, we also participate in packing days where, as an organization, we pack meals that will be distributed to hungry children. Because volunteers pack meals, the money we donate goes even further.

Grow: 1/3 of Our Profits Continue to Improve Our Technology

At TEN, we constantly strive to improve our services and technology, so we take one-third of our profits and reinvest in our company’s infrastructure. We invest in research and development, employee education, and RFI and Rater training. We have an improved app and exciting new services, including installing electric vehicle plugs.

This Gain, Give, & Grow approach ensures our business is strong and that we are making the world a better place.

Our Expertise

At TEN utilizes the Home Energy Rating System (HERS). This program is designed to help identify and fix issues, recognize areas for improvement, and compare the energy efficiency of homes.

Our Raters

Our Certified Home Energy Raters are trained and certified by an accredited Home Energy Rating Provider to inspect and evaluate a home’s energy features, prepare a home energy rating and make recommendations for improvements that will save the homeowner both energy and money.

Our Rating Field Inspectors (RFIs)

Our Rating Field Inspectors (RFIs) are certified by a Rating Quality Assurance Provider to conduct field inspections for home energy ratings. An RFI must be able to identify and quantify building components and systems. Under the direct supervision of a certified Home Energy Rater, they can conduct the inspections and necessary basic performance tests, such as air tightness and duct leakage, to produce a home energy rating.

Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET)

Certified HERS Raters must join a Rating Providership to obtain the software license to measure energy use and calculate a HERS Index. The Energy Network Worldwide is a Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) member. RESNET provides oversight and 3rd party quality assurance for each house we audit or rate. We must submit our members’ HERS and Energy Star-rated home information to RESNET and the EPA, monitor the quality, accuracy, and consistency of energy ratings, and uphold RESNET policies.

Work With A Company That Has Integrity

Work with The Energy Network Worldwide. We believe in treating people right–those on our team and those who hire us. We give the absolute maximum value in everything we do.