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Our Services

Client Oriented, Energy Focused

Improve decision-making. Uncover hidden opportunities. Reduce bad decision & risks. Improve workflow. Predict probabilities of loss/gain. Forecast based on real-world data.


Working Hard by Working Smart

Knowledge is power. In the construction industry, knowledge means profits. TENww's data insights are practical and applicable at every level of your organization.

Our Team members are all attuned with the actual building sciences that go into both the reality of construction along with the needs of today's cost feasible strategy on home building. We pride ourselves in helping builders create energy efficient homes for families while enjoying the comfort of still having that piece of mind they are living in a wonderfully built home.


Setting the Standard.

TENww has more insight on energy construction quality than any company in the state. It’s hard-earned. We've continued to work with our industry colleagues to ensure the highest return whether it be in energy efficiency, utility rebate, or thermal comfort within the home.

Our growth allows us to give back to our community. We donate a third of our profits into our community's local non profits that help the less fortunate, we give another back to our team members, and finally the remaining gets invested back into the company to further our growth.


Customer Value Chain.

Our services are not restricted to inspections. Our business model relies on the continuing effort of our team to ensure your future growth and in turn, ours.

Energy Modeling

This service is often referred to as the “plan review or plan analysis” stage. During the beginning stages of the construction process, it is critical to have your construction documents reviewed and approved in a timely manner, with no unnecessary delays. Our Team will work closely with you to analyze your building specifications, and assist you in finding the most cost-effective alternatives for building energy-efficient housing.

Beyond Energy Code Compliance

Need to pass a federal or municipal energy code? We’ve got you covered.

Want to certify for an above code certification? We’ve got you covered there too.

Get boots-on-the-ground inspectors to pinpoint where to maximize the energy efficiency of your design. Find solutions that provide greater comfort, value and safety to homeowners and end users in the most efficient way possible.

When you work with us, you get more than an inspection. We give you the valuable insights needed to deliver greater energy efficiency and sustainability.

45L Tax Credit Services

Get a $2,000 per home federal tax credit with our 45L Tax Credit services. As a certified and experienced 45L Rater and Certifier, we make the process fast and efficient.