Because we are local, on demand service is our goal

We offer a variety of testing and analysis options to ensure your building achieves energy code compliance. With experts knowledgeable in each state’s specific energy code, our team will work with you to find the best pathway to compliance. The oversight committee, RESNET, provides third-party quality assurance for every house we rate.

ENERGY STAR Certification

ENERGY STAR-certified homes and apartments are designed and built better from the ground up. They offer improved durability and comfort while lowering utility and maintenance costs. Each Energy Star Home must meet the performance and prescriptive standards developed by the EPA. Each of these also requires the installation and verification work to be an ENERGY STAR-certified contractor. We verify and submit to the program to get you tax credits and utility rebates dependent on inspections.

Energy Audits give you an insight as to how your structure uses/loses energy and your money

With an audit from The Energy Network Worldwide (TEN), you can earn rebates from your utility company and tax credits that can even be rolled over to the next year (or ten)! Plus, because of lower energy bills and maintenance costs, your building or home is worth more!

Get an Energy Audit for Your Commercial Building

On average, energy costs account for one-fifth to one-third of a building’s total operating expenses. An energy audit is the first step in reducing energy consumption. It provides valuable insights about where you can make improvements to save energy. Implementing energy conservation measures (ECMs) from an audit can reduce the building’s overall operating costs. Most facilities, including commercial, healthcare, higher education, industrial, and more, will significantly benefit from an energy audit.

Get an Energy Audit for Your Home

A home energy audit can show you what systems and areas of your home are costing you the most money and how they can run more efficiently with a few improvements. Your home energy use could be going through the roof, and you don’t even know it! A home energy audit will help you find these issues so you can start saving on your energy bills immediately. Fixing them will reduce drafts, eliminate heat loss through windows, create a quieter environment, and make your house more comfortable.

TENww: Making EE Easy for You and Your Staff to Build High-Value Energy Efficient Homes

As a builder, you have a lot to juggle to ensure the homes you build are of the highest quality possible. Adding energy efficiency to the mix may sound overwhelming at first. That’s why we are here to help you through the process. Contact us today. You’ll be glad you did!